Investment Philosophy

At Coast Wealth Management, we believe that every portfolio should be created for the sole purpose of serving the needs of each client.  Investment management is a dynamic process that unfolds as the needs and circumstances of your life change, taking into consideration the impact of the taxes each client faces on income, gains, transfers, and accumulation.  We are experts in portfolio design, investment management, and implementation.  We combine state-of-the-art investment theory and practice with many years of experience counseling individuals of substantial wealth.  The result is that we deliver investment management programs tailored to each individual client’s goals and objectives. 

Coast Wealth Management utilizes a Core and Satellite investment strategy, which is the dominant theory in portfolio management for the handling of literally trillions of dollars of institutional clients.  We use our knowledge and experience in portfolio management to yield the greatest benefit to our clients.  The result of which is that we can provide the best solutions necessary to help you achieve your goals.       

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