Time Frame

Most people do not expect to achieve all of their goals at once.  In most cases, they are achieved over time.  We understand this and it is an important part of how we manage money. 

The time period associated with a given objective is fundamental to determine the most appropriate asset classes.  Investing for long-term goals may permit an investor to assume higher levels of short-term volatility in the pursuit of superior long-term returns.  Investing for long-term goals also expands the number of asset classes that may be suitable for investment.  The opposite is generally true for investing for short-term goals.

We will always take into account the time horizons of your goals when we consider the appropriate investment management techniques and in the selection of the specific investments that fit into your portfolio.  An important part of structuring your portfolio will be in the matching of your investment time horizons to the time horizons of your goals and objectives.  

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